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Each night’s stay at Casa Calm includes an hour of private yoga instruction (if desired) with instructor Sandi Boerum.  In addition, you are welcome to use the indoor and outdoor yoga areas at any time throughout your stay for your own yoga practice, solitude and reflection.

There is no set itinerary at Casa Calm. You can schedule your private yoga session any time from 9 AM to 6 PM. To ensure your desired slot, it's best to schedule your session in advance of your stay.

If you're interested in a yoga class only, and not accommodations, please contact Sandi (sandi@casacalm.com) to schedule a session.

Perhaps the most frequent question we receive is: What style of yoga do we offer?

In response:

The essence of our center is that the classes revolve around you. Since each class is personalized, the style is designed for your needs on that given day.

For example....

Are you a beginner? If so, our one-on-one instruction would be ideal.

Do you have injuries, pain, or other medical issues? If so, a private session provides the optimal environment to address your specific needs. We will tailor your sessions with poses that will help your body to heal. (Studies show 117 health conditions helped by yoga.)

Are you interested in focusing on symmetry, precision and alignment? Then that’s the focus.

If you're a seasoned practitioner in the mood for some sweaty vinyasa flow, we will happily turn up the volume.

Are you a golfer? We can easily work on yoga poses that will improve your swing flexibility and concentration, help you achieve a balanced stance, not to mention correct any imbalances that result from the repetitive nature of a golf swing.

Is hot yoga your thing? If so, no need for a heated room. Practice outdoors from May through Sept.  Florida offers the perfect climate for hot yoga during this time. See our weather page for details. (We also have an air-conditioned room for the non-hot practitioner.)

Do you require some attention to strength and stability? Purely flexibility? Or do you want to go straight to the core?

Are you immersed in the tradition of ashtanga? Or perhaps some restorative poses are in order?

And what about those poses that elude you? Need some guidance? Have you always wanted to try a headstand? No time like the present.

Maybe it’s meditation that eludes you? We can clear that up too.

Whether the sessions are designed for beginners, intermediate, advanced, pre/postnatal, or to address specific medical needs, the objective is the same: wellness in body and mind. The paths may differ, but with yoga, it all comes down to bringing about peace in body and mind. My approach to each and every yoga session places the highest emphasis on this. In my sessions, I explain the meditative component of yoga, how and why yoga is one of the most successful tools for stress reduction. I explain the science behind meditation so you understand how and why it is such a useful and necessary tool for one's wellbeing.

About the Space:
Casa Calm is fully equipped with mats, blocks, blankets, straps, sand bags, weights, therabands, a foam roller, large and small physio balls, and indoor and outdoor sound systems. In addition, we have aquatic exercise equipment.

outdoor yoga
outdoors on our screened-in patio

outdoor yoga
yoga by the lake

indoor yoga
indoor yoga room

outdoor yoga
yoga at sunset

BookYogaRetreats rated us one of their Top Five Retreats!

The Movement Factory shared a bunch of photos from their retreat at Casa Calm:

Your body and mind are unique. Your yoga instruction should be too.

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