casa calm

Why Casa Calm Is the Yoga Retreat for People Who Don't Like Yoga Retreats

How we differ from other yoga-retreat programs:
  • No large group classes
  • No shared bathrooms or guest rooms
  • No 6 AM yoga classes
  • No set schedule
  • No restrictions on alcohol or cellphone use
  • No limited meal options
Instead, you'll find:
  • Private one-on-one yoga classes at the time and place of your choice (i.e., indoor or outdoor), personalized to your needs.
  • Customized breakfast options catering to your dietary desires
  • Heated pool and spa
  • Kitchen available for your use
  • Unlimited wifi, Netflix, and books
  • Lots of me time and free time to hike, kayak, go to the beach, indulge in a spa treatment, golf, head to a winery, zipline, horseback ride, and more.

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Reservations: 1-347-467-0515.   Address:  83rd Ave E, Myakka City, FL, 34251.